How To Tell If It’s Time To Buy A New Sofa

22 July 2020
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The kind of furniture you have in your home is a big deal. It should look great and fit in with the rest of your home's look, but it should also be functional and comfortable. You want a place to relax after a long day at work and you want your guests to feel comfortable when they visit your home. If you have had your current sofa for a long time, you may be wondering if it's time for an upgrade. Read More 

Split-Unit Air Conditioner-What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

30 July 2016
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When it comes to keeping your home cool and comfortable, there are several home air conditioning installation options to choose from. Some homeowners may opt for a window air conditioning unit while others may go the more traditional route and have a gas or electric HVAC system installed. But, there is another approach that some homeowners may not be aware of, a ductless air conditioning system, also known as a split-unit air conditioner. Read More 

3 Options When Considering The Flooring Material For Your Finished Basement

14 June 2016
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If you're working on creating a livable, finished basement, then you need to spend time thinking about the proper flooring material. If you choose the wrong type of flooring, then mold can develop and create an unpleasant and dangerous situation for you and your family. Basements are particularly tricky because you're dealing with a concrete slab. The concrete is porous and will allow moisture vapor to rise up. This is why it's important to choose the proper material. Read More 

Using Environmentally Friendly Fabric

22 January 2016
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If you enjoy sewing clothes for yourself and others, and you wish to lend a hand at leaving a decreased carbon footprint in the process, you may want consider the usage of eco-friendly materials. There are several fabrics you can purchase that are woven without the use of harmful chemicals in the process. While most eco-friendly fabrics still require the use of water, energy, and land for production, they still eliminate the use of harmful pollutants. Read More 

Four Ways To Chill Out Until Your Air Conditioner Gets Fixed

25 August 2015
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The summer heat might be starting to cool off, but this weather change is no comfort to you if your home's air conditioning is broken. The best solution for avoiding your home being hot and sticky is to contact an air conditioning repair company. Having a licensed and experienced technician visit your home to diagnose your problem and fix it will have you enjoying the cool once again. In the meantime, you'll have to make a few simple adjustments to how you live your life to help you beat the heat. Read More