3 Small Landscaping Upgrades That Can Make A Large Difference In Your Yard

29 December 2015
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If your yard looks like it could use a bit of organization but you don't want to put a lot of effort into your landscaping, there are a few options you can consider to make your space more inviting. Here are 3 small landscaping upgrades that can make a huge difference in your yard.  Curbing Curbing along your front lawn and around your large trees can help streamline your landscape and give your yard a modern appeal. Read More 

Cleaning Tips For Wood Blinds

2 December 2015
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Wooden blinds add a touch of elegance to any room, whether you opt for Venetian style slats or louver style shutters. The key to maintaining their timeless look is keeping them clean. Dust and fingerprints can make them look grimy and dated over time. The following tips can help you keep them in good shape. Tip #1: Skip the Water While a damp cloth is a quick way to collect dust off of plastic or aluminum blinds, water can cause wooden blinds to warp or develop spots. Read More 

3 Tips to Keep Your Home’s Hot Water Tank in Good Condition

26 October 2015
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Hot water is something that many families might not think much about until it's gone. Your home's hot water tank or heater is a necessity that allows you to do everything from wake up with a warm shower to keep your dishes clean. If you want to increase your hot water tank's longevity, you will want to perform regular maintenance on it. Here are a few maintenance tips for hot water tanks that will hopefully keep your unit running efficiently for a long time to come. Read More 

Clean A Water Well’s Submersible Pump

28 September 2015
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If there isn't a steady flow of water coming out of the faucets in your home, your well's submersible water pump may require cleaning. If foreign materials block portions of the pump, water can not flow through it properly. Learn how to remove and clean this vital part with the following steps. Once debris has been eliminated, you will have access to water in your home whenever it is needed. Read More 

The Beginner Survivalist’s Guide To Storing Food And Water In Public Storage

1 September 2015
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Survival planning is becoming even more talked about and incorporated into life by individuals across the country than it has ever been before. Even if you feel like you should get in on the survival planning and storage action, you may not have a lot of space to work with at home. If this is your situation, you should know that not all survivalists store their cache of supplies at home, especially when it comes to excess food and water. Read More